Rain Code 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Spike Chunsoft has revealed six new characters that you'll be meeting during your adventures in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

These characters are all known as 'Master Detectives' and each possess an ability known as "Forensic Forte". They've all been designed by the game's character designer, Rui Komatsuzaki.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch on June 30th, 2023.

Vivia Twilight

Rain Code 7
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: Yuichiro Umehara
English VA: Aleks Le
He has a decadent and aesthetic atmosphere about him. Often lying down in various places, such as the fireplace at the agency or under the hotel's grand piano, his personality can be described as self-indulgent.

Forensic Forte: Spectral Projection
Freed from the flesh, the ghost form can pass through walls and floors without being seen by other people.

Aphex Logan

Rain Code 4
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: Showtaro Morikubo
English VA: Stephen Fu
Born to lawyer parents, he lost them at an early age and lived a rough life in the slums from then on. Due to these circumstances, he tends to be rude and tries to solve problems with violence.

Forensic Forte: Life Detection
The location of any living thing within a 50-meter radius can be found.

Zange Eraser

Rain Code 3
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: Yosuke Akimoto
English VA: Kurt Bicknell
A quiet old detective with the solemn expression of a battle-hardened veteran. He never talks about his past, but his style of speech suggests ties to a government organization.

Forensic Forte: Thoughtography
Zange’s memory can be transcribed as a Thoughtographic image onto electronic devices, such as a smartphone.

Zilch Alexander

Rain Code 2
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: Tomokazu Seki
English VA: Y. Chang
He loves the harmony between people and nature and specializes in dealing with those who would try to disrupt it. His tendency toward leading the conversation and moving things along efficiently sometimes gives off the impression of arrogance to those around him.

Forensic Forte: Animal Investigation
Controls animals to gather intelligence, even in areas inaccessible to humans.

Desuhiko Thunderbolt

Rain Code 5
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: KENN
English VA: Khoi Dao
A young man with a goofball nature who likes hitting on women under the guise of investigation. Desuhiko's goal is to become famous as a mystery-solving superstar detective. He carries a huge backpack filled with tools necessary for his disguises.

Forensic Forte: Disguise
In addition to disguising his clothes and face, his voice, height, and weight can also be changed, allowing him to match the target of disguise visually and psychologically.

Halara Nightmare

Rain Code 6
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Japanese VA: Yui Ishikawa
English VA: Amber Lee Connors
Halara is always cool under fire and has solved many difficult cases through precise judgment. Halara only believes in money and will not accept a request without payment, regardless of who the client may be.

Forensic Forte: Postcognition
The ability to see how a crime scene appeared at the time it was first discovered.

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