LEGO Mario
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

This Friday is MAR10 Day, the calendar event of the year where we can pretty much guarantee a healthy dose of news about everyone's favourite plumber. Nintendo has already revealed its special edition Switch bundle and final Mario Movie trailer livestream, but it looks like LEGO is going to be getting in on the celebrations too.

Shared on the official @LEGO_Group Twitter, the company has stated that it will be hosting a 'Super Mario YouTube Premiere' on the big day promising "big updates... and even bigger reveals". Now, we're not ones for betting, but we'd think it's safe to say that this implies some new sets on the horizon...

As for what these new sets could possibly be, well your guess is just as good as ours. Might we see the introduction of a few more characters into the creepy animated eyes collection like Wario and Waluigi? Or perhaps another intricate build is on the way, like we saw with the release of the LEGO Bowser last year...

We'll be tuning in on Friday to get the latest news, so keep an eye out for updates over the coming days.

What are you hoping to see announced at this one? Build your thoughts in the comments below.