San Diego Comic Con had a pretty monstrous-sized Koopa built all out of LEGO bricks to deal with back in July. We were stunned by this 14-foot tall LEGO Bowser back when it was first shown off, and now LEGO has decided to share some behind-the-scenes footage of just how dear Bowser was put together.

Using the 2,807-piece Bowser set as a reference, this ginormous structure took 3,290 hours to build — that's over 137 days. And if you thought over 2,800 bricks was a lot, try 663,900. It's a LEGO fan's dream.

More than just LEGO goes into the giant Bowser's design, of course. There are electronics so that his head and arms can move as well as other structures to help keep King Koopa from collapsing in on itself or others. Each section of Bowser is made separately — such as the shell, the head, the arms, etc. — and then placed onto the body to create this brick masterpiece.

Give LEGO's YouTube short a watch at the top, and let us know whether you'd love to build a giant Nintendo figure in the comments!

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