Super Bomberman R
Image: Konami

It's been six years since Nintendo launched its hybrid device known as the Switch. While many fans of the system remember the launch for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there were some other unique offerings available.

One of these other titles was Super Bomberman R. Konami at the time launched the game exclusively on Nintendo's system. Now as part of the six-year anniversary celebrations, the third-party Japanese developer has taken a moment to acknowledge this particular entry while also teasing how there's "more in store" for the Bomberman series.

"BOOM! SUPER BOMBERMAN R turns 6 today! A huge thanks to the fans for all your support. There’s still plenty more in store for Bomberman, so keep your eyes on us for all the latest news."

Of course, since the release of Super Bomberman R there's also been the online version released for free on the Switch eShop. And arriving at some point this year is Super Bomberman R 2. This title will expand the story mode and add an all-new "castle" battle mode.

Do you have any fond memories of Super Bomberman R on the Switch, or were you too busy with Zelda at launch? Comment below.