Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series 2
Image: Bandai Namco

Last year's Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series — a remastered compilation of two classic PlayStation and PS2 platformers — was actually developed for Switch first, producer Ryo Ishida has revealed.

In an interview in the newest issue of Lost In Cult (via Nintendo Everything), Ishida shares some brief insight into the development of the game, and that they were actually finished with the Switch version of it before it was even announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct.

Ishida says that the team working on the remastered collection were presented the chance to reveal their game on a Nintendo Direct, and they obviously grabbed it with both hands. Here's an extract from Ishida's interview in Lost In Cult:

"The […] platform we happened to start development on was Switch. Around the time we completed the Switch version, we were presented with the opportunity to put it on Nintendo Direct and, consequently, [reveal the existence of the collection] to a worldwide audience. We thought that [this was] an excellent medium for spreading information and awareness among game fans, because that’s where game announcements are actively [anticipated]. So, we were very grateful for that opportunity."

A Klonoa remaster had been rumoured for a long time prior to Phantasy Reverie's announcement, plus that eventual reveal came during a pretty cracking direct, so it just made it all the sweeter. Ishida has previously gone on record saying that the remaster may well lead to more Klonoa remasters — or maybe even more Klonoa games in the future. We've not heard much from the Dream Traveller since last year, but there's still plenty of time.

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Bandai Namco managed to do a pretty darn good job with the remastered duo — we rather enjoyed revisiting these classics, at least:

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