Teslagrad 2
Image: Modus Games

After being officially announced way back in September 2020, it was a nice surprise to see Teslagrad 2 — the follow-up to Rain Games' critically-acclaimed metroidvania — appear at last year's Future Games Show. Now the good folk over at Modus Games have given us a closer look at the upcoming title with some magnetic new screenshots.

Showcasing the new lands of Wyrmheim with five gorgeous environments and some of Lumina's electromagnetic powers, this latest look is setting the sequel up to be even prettier than the last. We're particular fans of the giant snake boss towering over the hero in picture three — if there's one thing that never fails to make us giggle with glee, it's a battle with a huge boss.

Check out the exclusive new images below:

The last release date that we heard for Teslagrad 2 was Spring 2023, so we imagine that we'll be getting some more precise details in the coming months.

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