Bit Loom Games — the developers behind 2020's charming double-ended dog co-op game, Phogs! — has announced that their upcoming free-to-play downhill racing title, Tray Racers, will be hitting the slopes on Switch from 13th April.

This game is set in the "cozy post-apocalypse" (a neat juxtaposition if we've ever seen one) and will see you heading online to race your friends across a series of downhill races on (you guessed it) trays! The new trailer (above) gives a pretty good idea of what these courses will have in store including some strange dinosaur/camel hybrids, a cactus slalom and a whole lotta sand.

If you are keen for a closer look at the game, check out the following images from Bit Loom:

Launching alongside the game is the Tray Racers Supporter's Pack, which includes a couple of extra cosmetic-only options for $5.99 / £4.99 / €5.89. This pack will initially include customisation items for a desert fox and robot character only, though more features will be on the way post-launch.

The Tray Racers eShop page is now also live, so you can feel free to have a browse before the game releases next month.

Will you be giving Tray Racers a go for free? Slide into the comments and let us know.