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Bit Loom Games


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Number of Players
Single Player (16 Player Online)
Party, Racing
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  • 2023


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About The Game

Sure, the apocalypse happened and the world ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! In Tray Racers!, grab a tray and get ready to slide, drift, and trick your way down the dunes to the finish line. Play solo or party with pals and enjoy the unique, randomly-generated tracks stuffed full of weird and wonderful vistas, hazards, creatures, as well as plenty of surprises from a mix of bizarre and beautiful biomes.

Is it really a post-apocalypse party without a place to crash, chill, and hang out with friends? Between races gather around the firepit at the Camp, host a musical jam sesh, delight in the beauty of the starry night’s sky, and give your racer and tray collection a sick makeover, all in the company of your friends.


  • Race with up to 16 players in chaotic online multiplayer

  • Embrace your inner daredevil and pull off cool tray tricks and combos

  • Two awesome race modes: Freestyle Race and Daily Race

  • Hang out with friends and mess around at the Camp

  • Pet *everything* with a dedicated ‘pet-the-thing’ button