Kart racers can be fun, but sometimes they're just plain unfair when you're outplayed by some higher-tier opponent or item you can't even defend yourself against. Disney Speedstorm aims to give racers a more even playing field with a new mode called "regulated multiplayer".

In an update via the official game blog, developer Gameloft explained how exactly this new mode will work. While it's similar to regular Ranked Multiplayer, there are some "very important differences". All racers in this mode are exact to the same Upgrade Level, Star Level and crews are not active.

"These parameters guarantee that all racers are on a level playing field and pure racing skill will decide the outcome of the race! One important thing to note is that while Crews are disabled for this mode, you are still able to customize your racer and kart appearances!"

As explained, this means each race will come down to "pure racing skill". The Ranks, Leagues and Score Points in this mode are replaced by Regulated Multiplayer Points - and your placement positions determine how many points you earn per race. These points will help you progress through milestones, which in return grant rewards - such as coins and cosmetics.

In terms of the matchmaking in this mode, it's based purely on your Regulated Multiplayer Points - with the "system" made to match players with similar Regulated Points.

Disney Speedstorm will be launching in early access on Switch on 18th April. If you want to join in on the fun ahead of the free-to-play launch, the standard founder's pack starts at $29.99 USD.

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