The dust has settled on the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, and whether you're currently playing through Metroid Prime Remastered or the Game Boy / Game Boy Advance collection for Nintendo Switch Online, there's likely to have been something for everyone to enjoy here.

But did you know that there were some facts from the Nintendo Direct that weren't explictely stated? For example, did you know that the release date for the physical edition of Metroid Prime Remastered is actually different depending on your region (spoilers: it's February 22nd in North America and March 3rd in Europe)?

Well, our good pal and video extraordinaire Zion is here to explain everything that slipped through the net with the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, so be sure give it a watch: there might be a new game in here that catches your eye! In the meantime, of course, if you need a breakdown of everything announced during the showcase, do check out the article below for all the details:

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