EarthBound Plushies 1
Image: Hobonichi

The Hobonichi MOTHER Project is bringing back those rather adorable EarthBound plushies next week in Japan! And no, the basket isn't included. The toy set will be restocked on Valentine's Day, 14th February, the company announced on Twitter. (Thanks, Nintendo Wire!)

Originally launched in 2020 by series creator Shigesato Itoi, The MOTHER Project stocks lots of various Mother series merchandise from Boney the dog in Mother 3 to scarves to Mr. Saturn toys. This set of four plushies — Ness, Paula, Geoff, and Poo — are packed in a gorgeous box with Ness' House, Paula's House, the school in Winters, and Dalaam on it.

One day, we really hope these become available in the West. For now, we'll just look longingly and save up our pennies for shipping...

The set costs ¥11,000, which is roughly £70 (not including shipping, of course). And the detail on the toys is incredible. We just want to give them a squeeze and display them proudly on our shelves.

Check out the listing on the MOTHER Project page, and orders open up again on 14th February.

What do you think of the plushies? Are you longing for some EarthBound merchandise? Let us know!

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