The first trailer for the upcoming Tetris movie has fallen into place — and colour us impressed, this looks like it could be a treat. Not only that, we finally have a date for the film, and it releases on 31st March on Apple TV+ (via Entertainment Weekly).

The film is a biopic all about the origins of Tetris and how Henk Rogers (played by Taron Edgerton of Rocketman fame) managed to secure the intellectual property rights for Alexey Pajitnov's (played by Nikita Yefremov) game. And this all happens against the backdrop of the Cold War.

It's a pretty unbelievable story, and one of gaming's greatest, and the trailer does a pretty fantastic job of getting across the high stakes and drama. We think this could be a real surprise when it hits the streaming service next month, and this trailer has us a little bit excited. The movie is directed by Jon S. Baird, who also helmed the fantastic biopic Stan & Ollie about Laurel and Hardy.

The movie is premiering at South By Southwest 2023 between 10th and 19th March ahead of its official streaming release.

What do you think of the trailer for Tertis? Will you be watching this on 31st March? Let us know in the comments.