Image: The Tetris Company

Tetris, the upcoming biographical from director Jon S. Baird, has secured a March premiere date and will be shown at South by Southwest 2023.

The event itself will take place between 10th and 19th of March in Austin, Texas and "features sessions, music and comedy showcases, film screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities".

The movie will be available through Apple's own streaming platform, AppleTV+, later this year, though no firm release date has been announced as of yet. It will star actor Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, the businessman and developer known for securing the rights for Tetris on multiple platforms.

The film will also carry an 'R' rating for language, so you can probably expect a fair few naughty words here and there!

Are you interested in checking out the upcoming Tetris movie, or will Mario have your heart come April 2023? Let us know!

[source twitter.com, via timeextension.com]