Metroid Prime Remastered
Image: Nintendo

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the most recent Nintendo Direct was Metroid Prime Remastered. It was even launched on the same day via the eShop, with the physical version to arrive at a later date.

Now, after a few weeks of waiting, the hard copy of the game is finally available in the US and across North America. NoA's senior vice president of creative and planning Chad Concelmo even issued a friendly reminder on social media:

Of course, we're curious to know if our community has held out for this release, or is even double-dipping with a physical and digital purchase. And keep in mind, the physical version will arrive in Japan and Europe early next month on 3rd March 2023.

Have you been able to secure a copy of Metroid Prime Remastered's physical version yet? Got it pre-ordered? Let us know in the comments.

Will you be getting the Metroid Prime Remastered physical edition? (2,340 votes)

  1. Yes, I've secured a copy27%
  2. I double-dipped (digital & physical)6%
  3. I have pre-ordered18%
  4. I might get it eventually21%
  5. I'm not sure yet2%
  6. I'm worried I might miss out15%
  7. A digital purchase is enough for me9%
  8. I'm not really interested4%