Hollow Knight: Silksong
Image: Team Cherry

There's been no update about the status of Hollow Knight: Silksong since last year, so what's the latest now that it's skipped another Nintendo Direct?

There's apparently no need to worry! In an update via the game's official Discord channel, a Team Cherry playtester has shared a brief message explaining a little about what's going on behind the scenes. Here's exactly what was said:

"I feel for you all, I really want this game to release asap and we testers are working hard to get it out to you, as well as Team Cherry of course. It will come and it is a glorious game worth the wait. Love you all."

The previous update was back in June last year during an Xbox showcase - with the Microsoft-owned gaming division confirming Silksong would be made available on Game Pass within the next 12 months as a day-one release.

More recently, Team Cherry filed new trademarks for something known as the 'Fearless Fox'...

Do you think we'll see Hollow Knight: Silksong arrive any time soon? How are you feeling after this small update? Leave your thoughts below.

[source pcgamer.com]