Super Mario Bros Movie Mario Kart
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a ton of marketing and merchandise behind it, as you'd expect. There are McDonald's toys that differ depending on which country you get your Happy Meals from, advertisements on Twitch, and posters galore already. So of course we're getting some toys as well — we need to keep the kids happy outside of going to see the movie six times, right?

YouTuber M&L Toys has shared images of some unannounced toys which will be released to celebrate Illumination and Nintendo film, which launches in March and April this year. This batch of toys is coming from Jakks Pacific, which already has a pretty extensive range of affordable Mario Bros. toys. So a Mario Movie set isn't too surprising! (Thanks for the tip, Davis!)

We're not going to post pictures here, but we will discuss some of the toys that M&L Toys shows off (as well as share the video below). So, if you don't want to see them — here's your mandated Mushroom-powered Mario Movie spoiler warning. Don't read on until after the link if you don't want to see or read anything.

Multiple pictures of the various different figurines and playsets have leaked, and it shows off a really wide range of toys that we think we'll be scrambling to play with, let alone the kids. The individual figures for characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Kamek, Toad, and more come with a little Question Mark Block that unfolds to show off a tiny still from the movie itself, which is pretty cool. Bowser, of course, gets his own big toy — and he looks pretty intimidating, just like in the film!

Our favourites, though, have to be the two playsets. The first is a replica of the plumber van that we've seen in one of the movie's leaked posters which opens up to reveal some warp pipes, and it comes with a small Mario figure. The second playset is of Peach's castle which comes with Mario and Peach, and the inside of the castle hides some Mario-style levels and 'Training Grounds'.

The toys are rumoured to be released either at the end of February or the beginning of March. You can check out the video below for some more detailed looks at the toys, and we'll let you know when we get an official announcement. But these look very cool.

Will you be snapping up some of these Mario Movie toys? Get plumbing down in the comments!