Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 Golden Switch
Image: Atlus

Persona fans will be feasting later on this week when two classic entries in the series — Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden — launch on the Switch eShop on 19th January. This duo of PS2 classics, based on their PSP and PS Vita versions respectively, join the beloved Persona 5 Royal on a Nintendo console for the first time.

But look, it's been years since these games first came out — even though Persona 4 Golden got a Steam port in 2020, do people think both of these titles have held up well? Particularly on the Switch? Let's find out!

Before we jump into each game, you can find our thoughts on Atlus' duo of classics below. We found Persona 3 Portable to be a strong entry but the presentation and repetitive dungeon design left us wanting. Time, however, has been kinder to Persona 4 Golden, which is still as engrossing now as it was over a decade ago.

Are you ready? Fear's awake, and anger beats loud; it's time to face reality and check out the Persona 3 Portable reviews.

Let's start off with Nintendo Wire, who adored the game. In the publication's 9/10 review, they praised the game's story and high replay value with the two protagonists:

"The cast is endearing, from troubled everygirl Yukari to musclebound dork Akihiko to best pupper in the world Koromaru, though they can lack in some of the absurdly entertaining chemistry of the casts of P4/P5."

Siliconera awarded Persona 3 Portable a strong 8/10, highlighting the quality-of-life additions this PSP game brought to the series, while also praising the game's performance on Switch:

"As for Persona 3 Portable on the Switch, it honestly felt like returning to the game on the PSP again. It runs well and smoothly on the system. The character models look great when in Tartarus or dealing with Shadows."

Noisy Pixel was a bit milder on the game, awarding it a 7/10, lamenting the lack of a true 'definitive' version of Persona 3:

"The mitigated presentation and tone of Portable don’t paint an accurate picture of its identity. But it’s nice to see it around, and the gameplay here is the best of any of the releases."

Now, let's go to the backside of the TV to see what the critics thought of Persona 4 Golden. Now, something most people will agree on is that P4G is easily the definitive version of Persona 4. Phew. That makes things a bit easier.

First up it's God Is A Geek with a glowing 10/10. The site lavished praise on just about every aspect of the game — the improvements to the combat, the addictive nature of the gameplay, and the story:

"Atlus has created an experience that has an addictive, bewitching quality that draws you in and refuses to let you go. The structure and writing, not to mention the perfectly balanced and simple to pick up combat system, means that each separate part of your vicarious on-screen life is equally compulsive."

Pocket Tactics also had plenty of positive words to share about Persona 4 Golden. In their 9/10 review, they declare "the game to be just as good as it’s always been.":

"I can’t recommend the Switch version of Persona 4 Golden enough. Everything that makes the original so good remains, and the enthralling story, mysterious cast, and satisfying turn-based combat come together to create an experience that new and existing fans can enjoy."

Lastly, Vooks has adorned this rerelease with a 4/5, and again just can't get enough of the addictive combat and gameplay loop:

"Persona 4 Golden has always been one of the most solid games in the Persona series, and the Switch port is no exception. It’s a lovely story bolstered by a fantastic combat system, and it’s worth playing for newcomers and veterans alike."

So, Persona is worth playing, it sounds like! If you've never tried the series before, there's no better time to get into it — especially as a Switch owner. You can check out our handy guide on each of the Persona games on the console to see which one you think will suit you.

You can pick up both games from the Switch eShop on Thursday this week — separately, or as a bundle. Will you be grabbing Persona 3 Portable or Persona 4 Golden on Switch? Let us know down below!