Return To Monkey Island
Image: Devolver Digital

It has been a good few months now since the release of Return to Monkey Island, but many of the team here at Nintendo Life are still having a blast with it! After becoming the fastest-selling game in the series, there was the question of what is next for the comeback title? The answer: a physical release (of course).

Under the watchful eye of Limited Run Games, Guybrush Threepwood is making the leap to physical copies across a range of different options depending on just how much bonus stuff you want to get with your purchase. Pre-orders will open on 20th January at 10am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET, with copies expected to ship later on in 2023.

The standard edition will bag you a regular physical copy of the game without all of the bells and whistles. This will retail for $34.99 (around £29) and is the cheapest choice if you are all about just getting the box on the shelves.

Shown in the above tweet, there is also a special 'CollectARR's Edition' (good pirate pun) which includes a treasure trove of merch such as a scrapbook, poster, stress ball, pin and a unique key depending on which platform you are buying for - "collect them ARR" is not quite as good of a pun in our books. This is available for the more expensive $89.99 (roughly £74), but there are quite a lot of extras we guess...

Finally, Limited Run Games is releasing an Upgrade Kit for the Monkey Island Anthology. This features a USB with a copy of the game for PC, a unique collector's key and a new sleeve to fit the series anthology.

The pre-orders will only be available until 5th March, so you better be ready to weigh anchor if you are after one of the more popular editions. More information on all of the releases can be found on the Limited Run Games site.

Will you be picking up a physical copy of Return to Monkey Island? Sail down to the comments and let us know!

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