Return To Monkey Island
Image: Devolver Digital

What grew from many years in waiting has become a stellar opening month for Return to Monkey Island. We loved the game (our glowing 9/10 review proves it), and it looks as if we were not alone in our admiration as Devolver Digital has announced that Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood's wonderful return has become the fastest selling game in the series.

The game developers made this announcement in the way that all Monkey Island news should be conveyed - a quick celebratory message from Stan S. Stanman (just don't expect any answers about his incarceration).

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With jazzy Monkey Island beats and the frantic Muppet-like arm waving as Stan confirms the game's success, it is easy to see why Return to Monkey Island has been a hit in such a small space of time.

Of course, the world of gaming is a very different scene to what is was when we last saw a Monkey Island title (technically speaking this was Tales of Monkey Island back in 2009, though many fans will brush over the games from Monkey Island II onwards), so it should come as no surprise that the most recent title is selling faster than any other.

Then again, one month is a very short time and the year of the game's release does not belittle the stellar numbers and clear admiration of Ron Gilbert's return. So, physical release when...?

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