Pokémon Unite Comfey
Image: Nintendo Life

The online 'mon battler Pokémon Unite has been consistently expanding its roster of fighters ever since its launch back in 2021 and this looks to continue into 2023. Comfey has today been announced as the year's first addition and will be available in the game from 2nd February.

This news was shared by the @PokemonUnite Twitter account, though there was very little information given about the fighter itself, simply making the announcement that it is coming and providing the release date. Many of the other reveals have been accompanied by a fighter introduction video or some stats about their abilities, so perhaps we will learn more about the game's freshest face in the coming days.

Last year's Unite reveals were spoilt somewhat by the datamine which revealed a huge batch of 'mon to be later added to the game including the likes of Sableye, Clefable and Zoroark. It was nice to get the element of surprise back with the more recent Dragapult entry last month, so here's hoping that the team can continue to keep things under wraps moving forward.

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