Remember back in September when it seemed that every game ever was getting released all at once? One such title to land on the Switch in this period was Haiku the Robot - a post-apocalypse-set metroidvania with an adorable main character which looked like it had leaped right off of a GBA cartridge. Now the game is getting its first free content update on 16th December, and things are about to get a lot more challenging.

The update will add a whole new style of play to Haiku with the introduction of 'Corrupt Mode'. Much like Hollow Knight's Steel Soul Mode (only not as pull-your-hair-out frustrating), this new challenge will have you exploring a different side of Arcadia with only one health point to your name. You get hit, you go straight back to your last save station (see? much friendlier than Steel Soul).

There will be temporary health upgrades in Corrupt Mode and the addition of two new train stations across the sprawling labyrinthine map too. Of course, this challenge won't be available right away as you will have needed to beat the core game before taking it on. Come on, it's only fair.

Here's a brief summary from the game's developer, Mister Morris Games:

A new challenging game mode that offers an entirely new experience to playthroughs! Explore an alternative timeline of Arcadia with a storyline twist - Haiku is the virus.

With the virus now flowing through your circuit board, you are more vulnerable with only one health point - if you die, you will respawn at the last unlocked repair station.

After gathering many positive reviews on Steam and Switch alike, it was only a matter of time before the challenge increased for this retro-inspired metroidvania. While we can't guarantee our success in the new mode, we're certainly ready to take on the challenge.

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