September is already setting up to be a packed month for game releases. Lego Brawls, Temtem, Splatoon 3, Return to Monkey Island, The DioField Chronicle... the list goes on. But despite the fact that our micro SD cards are already dropping a belt loop to make way for all of this upcoming content, we couldn't help but get excited about just one more title.

Haiku the Robot is an adorable 2D pixel Metroidvania which looks as if it has stepped right out of a Game Boy cartridge. Sort of like Pixar's WALL.E but with much more hacking robots to pieces with an oversized sword, the game will see you control Haiku as you attempt to navigate a world bereft of all life after a nuclear explosion. See? Just like WALL.E.

Dropping onto Switch on September 9th, the game is almost certainly going to be out inked by people being drawn towards Splatoon 3, but with a gorgeous art style and compelling story, we think that the little guy will be worth our time, too.

Moving through the complex levels of a labyrinthine underworld crawling with virus-corrupted computers, your mission will be to fight off menacing machines, befriend less stab-y robots and put together clues to understand what happened to cause the destruction of all life.

Metroidvania-style exploration is the name of the game, as you can tell from developer Mister Morris Games' following PR information:

All abilities have been designed to work with and without each other. Leading to different combinations and methods of traversal. You choose how you want to tackle certain challenges. Countless hours have been spent iterating on the feel and responsiveness of the controls in order to ensure that the game feels great to play.

On your journey, you will pick up different pieces of the story enshrouding the explosion that happened 200 years ago and the mysterious virus that plagues this newly mechanized land.

If that sense of exploration isn't enough to oil your gears, then perhaps you will return to your less game-based instincts (much like we did) and be drawn in by the game's apocalyptic visuals and adorable lead character. Just look at that little guy!

Haiku the Robot is now available on Steam (where it currently has a Very Positive rating) and Mac and will be released for Switch on September 9th.

What do you make of Haiku the Robot? Will you be downloading alongside Splatoon 3? Let us know your September plans down below!