Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

It's that time of the year when video games are running all sorts of holiday-themed events, and one of them joining in on the fun is Nintendo Switch Sports. If you do own this game or are perhaps receiving it as a Christmas present, right now you can unlock a Santa outfit for free in the game. Provided you complete the Santa Collection, you'll get a Santa-Outfit Set as a completion bonus.

The other items in this set include a Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Professorial Perm, Stylized Eybrows, Festive Paint, Shutter Glasses Red, Classic Golf Club, Colorful Smoke, 'Good Night!' and 'We Did It!' messages and two titles. There are 11 days left to unlock these items. There's also a Snowman Collection containing 34 items, with the completion bonus being a Snowman Body.

If you've not tried out Switch Sports yet, be sure to check out our Nintendo Life review. The game also received a golf update recently, which you can read more about in our previous coverage.

Have you unlocked this holiday-themed item yet? Are you still playing Switch Sports? Tell us down below.

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