Mario Kart 8 Glider
Image: Nintendo

If you are even remotely interested in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you probably saw the whole heap of goodies that came our way yesterday in the ver. 2.2.0 update. Alongside the new tracks and item customisation tool, there were a couple of big in-game changes that have been somewhat pushed to the side.

One such change is all to do with the game's infamous Lightning item and the effect (or lack thereof) that is has on your kart when gliding between platforms. While an unfortunately-timed strike used to see all those using gliders plummet to the ground below, the latest update no longer cancels your glider when hit.

This change was of course mentioned in the update's patch notes, but we didn't truly grasp its effect until we saw it. Proof of the Lightning-glider combo in action can be seen in the following tweet from @starxlx_mk:

No longer will the shocking buzz of an incoming Lightning strike spell 'bye-bye to pole position' for those in the air. Now you can gracefully change into your kart's miniature version with the glider already equipped (the way it always should have been, in our opinion).

This change likely comes as a product of the item customisation tool's introduction. The new option allows you to pick exactly what items make it into your final race - either deselecting the odd one or two that you don't want to see, or setting a race in which only one type of item is available (all-Blue Shell races, here we come!). If anyone was to set up a race with just Lightning items (you monsters!) the absence of this patch would have made any gap near-impossible to cross. Just thinking about the cannons in DK Mountain or the newly-added Maple Treeway under such conditions is enough to send a shiver down the spine.

Fortunately, this long-standing mechanic has now been changed. Lightning may well strike twice, but at least we can keep on flying now.

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