Image: Square Enix

One of the more surprising RPG releases from Square Enix this year was Harvestella - a life simulation RPG where players are required to tend to their crops, befriend townsfolk, overcome threats and discover the truth behind the incoming calamity.

The game's producer Daisuke Taka was recently asked by Twinfinite in an interview if he would like to turn this game into a series. In short - yes, but he's going to need fans to show their support. Here's exactly what he had to say:

Daisuke Taka: "I’d be delighted if we could keep this game going. We ask for all your support...There’s still lots that we have not yet been able to accomplish. However, if we try to create everything in the first title, the foundations of the game become unclear. Once it becomes a series, we’d like to keep adding more exciting features using the engaging foundations of the basic system."

Harvestella got off to a strong start in its homeland, shifting 26,644 units in its opening week and almost topping the charts, according to Famitsu sales data.

When Harvestella arrived on the Nintendo Switch last month, we said it was a promising genre hybrid, but definitely had room to grow. If you're curious to try the game out, you can download a free demo from the Switch eShop.

Would you like to see more from Harvestella in the future? Share your thoughts below.

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