Pocket Card Jockey
Image: Nintendo

Game Freak, the core developer behind the Pokémon franchise, released a much loved 3DS title back in 2013 called Pocket Card Jockey. Exclusive to Japan for three years, it eventually made its way to other regions in 2016 to positive reception.

Now, it appears there may be a new game on the horizon, as a trademark for ‘ソリティ馬 Ride On!' (Solitaire Horse: Ride On!) has been filed by Game Freak (thanks for the spot, VGC). It's not clear at this stage whether the game is a sequel or a remaster of the original, but either way, count us in!


[Business application 2022-130915]
Trademark: [image] (standard characters) /
Applicant: Game Freak, Inc. /
Filing Date: November 16, 2022 /
Classification: Category 9 (Programs for home video game machines, etc.), Category 41 (Provision of images using communication with a portable liquid crystal screen game machine, etc.)

For anyone unfamiliar, the original Pocket Card Jockey saw users play the 'Golf' variant of Solitaire on the touch screen of the 3DS, with the aim to clear all of the cards on the field. How well the player performs directly impacts how their horse performs in a race, which is carried out on the top screen of the 3DS. Complete rounds succesfully and your horse will have a relatively easy-going time, but fail consistently and your horse will perform poorly by comparison.

We thought the game was pretty solid in our review, awarding it a score of 7/10. Check out our full impressions in the article below:

Would you prefer to see a sequel to Pocket Card Jockey, or a remaster? Do you think this trademark will lead to anything? Let us know with a comment.

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