Image: Square Enix

Harvestella is out today on Switch, and while we're still busy ploughing the fields for our review, we have got something to show you lovely readers today — some gameplay!

Our wonderful Felix has put together a lovely 12-minute slice of footage from the game, and it features a heck of a lot in it. You might expect that given that Harvestella combines the RPG genre with the farming sim — which is something Stardew Valley and Rune Factory have been going for a while — but we're always a bit surprised at how much stuff you can... stuff into a game like this.

Felix has got a little bit of everything here for you from farming, shopping, story, exploration, and combat. It's a plentiful harvest of a game, that's for sure. It also looks and sounds utterly gorgeous, with a score from Go Shiina, who has previously worked on God Eater 3, Tales of Legendia on the PS2, numerous Tekken games, and Various Daylife.

Give our little gameplay reel a watch, and let us know if you'll be picking up Harvestella today in the comments!