Harvestella Summer Seaslight
Image: Square Enix

Update [Mon 7th Nov, 2022 13:00 GMT]: Our Harvestella review is now live:

Original story: Square Enix's Harvestella, the much-anticipated farming RPG, is out today on Switch and PC. As such, farm sim fans eyeing the new game on the eShop and planning out their weekend ahead may be thumbing their wallets and wondering where our review has got to.

Well, it's in the works but, unfortunately, it's not ready for the game's launch. This is a sizeable game — as you might expect given the genre — and it simply wasn't possible to give a thorough evaluation in the time available.

Rest assured that we're working on it and we'll have our verdict with you as soon as we can. In the meantime, remember that there's the demo available on Switch eShop which should give you a good idea of what it offers (and which also transfers progress to the main game if you do decide to part with your cash).

In addition, the lovely Felix-from-Nintendo-Life from our video team has captured some gameplay for you digest as a little pre-review appetiser. That video should be live soon, so look out for it if you're after some hot Harvestella footage. [Update: And that's live now!]

Harvestella Winter Seaslight
Image: Square Enix

We'll have our review live as soon as possible, so look out for it in the coming days. Let us know below if you'll be playing the game this weekend or if you're waiting for reviews to hit before getting down to work in Harvestella.