Nintendo Switch Online
Image: NIntendo

As part of Nintendo's latest financial report, the Japanese company has provided an update on Switch Online memberships.

In the latest development (as of 30th September 2022), the service has now "exceeded" 36 million paid memberships. This is around an increase of four million subs compared to the same time in September last year.

Unfortunately, the company didn't share the amount of Expansion Pack users, but we do know this latest figure includes the "total number of users subscribing to either Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack". This also includes members who belong to the service through family memberships.

Nintendo plans to continue improving the service by adding more Nintendo 64 titles as well as providing access to select paid add-on content at no additional cost.

Memberships have grown alongside system sales, with Nintendo yesterday providing an update on the latest Switch sales. The company has now sold more than 114 million units worldwide. You can see how it compares to existing system sales in our previous story.

Nintendo Switch Online allows subscribers to access online play, play retro libraries, back up games with cloud save data, connect with a smartphone app, and even download free games. The Expansion Pack tier adds even more retro libraries including Sega Genesis / Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 as well as add-on content.

During a broadcast in September, Nintendo announced it would bring a new batch of N64 titles to the service. A number of these games have already been released such as Pilotwings 64 and Mario Party 1 + 2. They'll be followed by games such as Pokémon Stadium and GoldenEye 007 in the near future.

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