Switch OLED
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

As part of Nintendo's latest financial report detailing performance for Q2 of fiscal year ending March 2023, the company has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch has now sold a gargantuan 114.33 million units.

Once again, however, Nintendo states that sales have declined year-on-year thanks to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. This time, sales have decreased by 19.2%, totalling 6.68 million units, however the company reassures that demand for the console remains stable, with big hitting games like Splatoon 3 providing a healthy boost.

Here's a breakdown of sales according to specific console SKUs:

  • Total Standard Switch sales this period: 2.23 million
  • Total Switch OLED sales this period: 3.53 million
  • Total Switch Lite sales this period: 0.92 million

Now, let's take a look at where the Switch currently stands against Nintendo's previous consoles. Obviously, there's no change in positioning just yet, but the Switch is steadily catching up the Game Boy, which is definitely exciting to see! We're pretty confident the Switch will take that number two spot fairly soon.

Console Total Sales
DS 154.02 Million
Game Boy 118.69 Million
Switch 114.33 Million
101.63 Million
Game Boy Advance
81.51 Million
75.94 Million
Family Computer / NES
61.91 Million
Super Family Computer / SNES
49.10 Million
32.93 Million
21.74 Million
Wii U
13.56 Million

Looking ahead, Nintendo has decreased its expected sales forecast for the Nintendo Switch by 2 million, moving from 21 million down to 19 million by the end of March 2023. Nintendo cites the ongoing semiconductor shortage as the reason, but states that "there is a gradual improvement in semiconductor and other component supplies and a recovery trend in hardware manufacturing", so that's good.

All in all, it's looking pretty healthy for the Nintendo Switch, despite the slight drop in sales forecast from Nintendo. It's also safe to assume that sales of the console are now on a natural decline after more than five years on the market, but hopefully games like Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will give the console a nice boost in the months ahead.

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