Sonic Frontiers & Knuckles
Image: SEGA

Another day, another big review embargo. It's the season of massive video game releases, with first-party titans like God of War (which is pretty good, apparently), Bayonetta 3 (which we liked quite a lot), and the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet battling out with third-party giants like Modern Warfare 2 and, today, a certain blue hedgehog. Microsoft, quite wisely, has chosen to avoid the kerfuffle by not releasing any first-party games at all. This year. We joke, Xbox friends — we love you! Now back to Game Pass with you...

Ahem, where were we? Ah yes, Sonic. You're probably wondering where our Sonic Frontiers review is, especially as some players have got their hands on physical copies early. You may even have seen people streaming the game. Unfortunately, we weren't among the lucky ones with a physical version dropping early through our letterbox.

In fact, at the time of writing, the NL editorial team isn't yet in possession of Switch review code, which, as you'll appreciate, is quite the impediment when it comes to reviewing the game. When review code does arrive, it's naturally going to take some time to get through Frontiers and write up a full evaluation. Rest assured that we'll have our verdict with you just as fast as we can.

As you may have seen just last week, these scenarios are becoming increasingly common, unfortunately. We do our best to have reviews live in a timely fashion but — even in cases when pre-launch code is forthcoming — we won't compromise our team's well-being or editorial standards in order to rush an article out the door.

Thanks for your understanding.