Update [Tue 15th Nov, 2022 14:30 GMT]: Well, it has been a few weeks coming but the five-minute overview trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is now available in English. We have subbed it in for the Japanese original, and you can watch it above to check out all of the gameplay footage before the games release on 18th November.

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Original article [Wed 2nd Nov, 2022 03:05 GMT]: Ahead of the arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch later this month, Nintendo has released a new overview trailer - providing an extensive look at the region of Paldea and everything else players can look forward to.

The catch is the trailer is currently only available in Japanese. Still, it provides over five minutes of direct gameplay footage - including a look at the starter pocket monsters, wild 'Mon, new characters, trainers, battles, and more.

This latest trailer follows last week's reveal of the new Ghost-type Pokémon Greavard - a dog-like ghost 'mon with a candle on its head. It's one of the many new Pokémon revealed in the latest entries so far - some other highlights include Wiglett and Lechonk. We've also had a new Gym Leader reveal.

We'll let you know if this trailer gets an English release as well. What do you think of this overview clip and you have decided which version of the latest generation you'll be getting? Grab a pre-order here and leave a comment below.