Iono has kept us waiting long enough, and now we know what her partner Pokémon will be! The Electric-type Gym Lead in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has revealed Bellibolt, an Electric-type frog.

Announced during a stream, the content creator Gym Leader's ace is a big, squishy, frog that generates electricity by expanding and contracting its belly. And no, its eyes aren't the lumps on its head — they're on its face. And it looks very lost in thought. We are besotted.

Bellibolt also really likes sandwiches, so we'll be taking them on every picnic with us then.

The EleFrog Pokémon (we see you, Pokémon Company) has what essentially is a dynamo for a belly-button, and the big froggy is pretty easy-going. But it comes with a brand new ability in Electromorphosis, which means if it takes a hit, its next Electric-type attack gets a damage boost.

We... can't stop looking at those bumps. That look like eyes. We're sorry! Maybe these screens will help us:

Not really! It definitely looks very cuddly though, even with all of that static. Don't forget, you can check out every single new and returning Pokémon over in our guide.

What do you think of Bellibolt? Let's ribbit together for it in the comments!