Well, let's say hello to another brand new Pokémon we'll be meeting in the Paldea region. Or should we say "boo"? The newest addition to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been revealed — and it might give you a fright!

Naranja Academy's Ghost-type Pokémon Club has discovered a rather adorable Ghost-type pup and captured the footage for all of us to see on YouTube. Should Fidough be scared? Maybe... but you can never have too many dog Pokémon, especially when one is a little spookier.

This pup's name is Greavard, and it's a pure Ghost-type — he's pretty shaggy and fluffy, and you can't see his eyes. He has a candle on top of his head — possessed by Litwick, maybe?. He's pretty playful, too, and enjoys hiding in the ground, with his candle sticking out.

But his playfulness seems like it can lead to something pretty scary — he can make you drowsy. Or is he stealing your soul? The 'stream' ends with the student passing out and dropping the camera, and the dog licking her face. Aww...?

Just another perfect friend to add to the 'dex, then? Yes, of course. And the fact that it's friendly and can get lonely? We'll let this little one spook us out any time.

What do you think of this new Pokémon? Are you happy about more Pokédogs? Let us know!