We have known that golf was going to be swinging its way onto Nintendo Switch Sports at some point soon for a while now (ever since it was delayed to the holiday season in September's Nintendo Direct, to be precise), what we didn't know was exactly when it would be arriving.

According to a new Japanese advert for the game (found above), not only could golf be arriving sooner than expected, but it is coming later this month - for players in Japan, at least (thanks, Go Nintendo).

The advert shows off some more golf gameplay, and it looks like the mode has held onto all of its charm from the glory days on Wii Sports. The most important detail, however, can be found in the description, which explains that the mode will be added for free in "late November" (according to Google's translate services).

Combine this with the fact that @Nintendo has updated the Switch Sports Japanese website, adding the golf page, and we imagine that players in Japan will be teeing off in the next couple of weeks.

As for the rest of the world, we don't have quite as much confirmation at the moment as the trailer remains a Japanese exclusive. This being said, Nintendo Switch Sports continues to be one of the world's highest-selling games, so we can't imagine that it will be all that long after (if there is any wait at all) before all players can step onto the course.

Are you excited to tee off soon? Putt your thoughts into the comments below!

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