Nintendo's latest N64 games for the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service are now officially available. Yes, that's right - Mario Party and Mario Party 2 have arrived!

As previously noted, the first game arrived here in the west in 1998/99 and the second title followed up on the same platform in 1999 in Japan, and the year 2000 locally. These new versions are both supported by the Switch Online functionality and four-player multiplayer.

Here's the PR about both:

Mario Party:

Mario Party launched for the Nintendo 64 system in 1999 and was the original party-starter for the series! In this classic four-player party game, you’ll join Mario and friends across nine action-packed Adventure Boards and 56 minigames in colorful multiplayer* (or solo!) competition.

Mario Party 2:

Keep the party going with Mario Party 2 and celebrate like it’s the year 2000 all over again! Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return for another round of Bowser-bashing board-game action, complete with fancy costumes, new Adventure Boards and minigames

Japan's Switch Online + Expansion Pack service also received Mario Party and Mario Party 2 this week.

Will you be returning to these games on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service? Tell us below.