Horror publisher Feardemic is trying its hand with something new and unique: a point and click adventure puzzler called Papetura, launching on the Nintendo Switch on December 1st, 2022.

Created by one person over the course of six years, Papetura stars Pape and Tura (ah, we get it!) in a hand-crafted paper world that's at constant risk of burning down. With a slick runtime of around 2 hours, the game makes the most out of every scene, its world bursting with character and detail.

Here's some official info from Feardemic:

Lend your hand to two little creatures, Pape and Tura, whose house is in danger of burning down. Explore the mysterious world shrouded in shadow and light, hand-crafted in its entirety out of paper. Marvel at the simple beauty of the unfamiliar, yet strangely inviting place you find yourself in as you point and click your way through your adventure. Muster the courage and face the dark, flaming monsters threatening your paper paradise.
Papetura is a labor of love and a love letter to both the craft of paper modeling and to old-school adventure games. Let the game transport you into a world of imagination and immerse yourself fully in the paper fantasy as the soft and fragile music of Floex sets the mood for your journey.


Short & Sweet - Experience 2 thrilling hours of an incredibly unique point-and-click adventure.
Paper View - Observe tiny insects, strange creatures, monsters, and truly magical locations, all hand-made out of paper.
Hey, Listen! - Lose yourself in the beautiful atmospheric music made by Floex - Tomas Dvorak.
Riddle Me This - Crack the puzzles and learn more about the story and the world.
Show, Don't Tell - Experience the story without dialogue, told entirely by animation and strange noises.

Will you be grabbing this one come December? Share your thoughts on the announcement in the comments below!