Nintendo Switch Online - N64
Image: Nintendo Life

The Switch Online N64 library was updated earlier today with the classic title Pilotwings 64. It's also bumped the app up to Version 2.7.0. So what's changed?

Nintendo as you might recall doesn't release any official patch notes for these kinds of updates, but fortunately, well-known dataminer OatmealDome is on the case - revealing everything that has changed behind the scenes.

Apart from the addition of Pilotwings, there's been some minor changes made to F-Zero X and Mario Golf. Here's the rundown:

[Nintendo 64 - NSO] - Version 2.7.0 is out.

- Pilotwings 64 added.
- A limiter for the number of RSP (part of N64’s GPU) tasks per frame was removed on F-Zero X. Wonder if performance is improved?
- “RDPIntDelay” and “RDPIntDelayRelative” added to the GPU settings of Mario Golf.

- A setting called “control_opt_layout_pattern” was added, which varies per game. Apparently it controls some UI-related thing, but I don’t notice any difference.

Dataminer and Nintendo Life user LuigiBlood has also chimed in with some information about the N64 emulator, Pilotwings and a comment about the frame rate in F-Zero X:

"The N64 emulator is so inaccurate and disregards pretty much all technical timings that the games just run at their max engine capped framerate."

"F-Zero X...the framerate is still not 100% smooth 60 FPS, it still sometimes dips. They clearly changed how to handle frames but not enough."

This latest update follows on from some changes in Version 2.6.0. You can learn more in our previous coverage.

What do you think of the latest batch of adjustments that come with Version 2.7.0? Noticed anything yourself? Have you tried out the Expansion Pack service yet? Leave a comment down below.