It is truly a testament to the genius of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that we are still discovering new mechanics in the game five years on. One such detail that has passed us by unnoticed for all this time has been recently brought to our attention by Gaming Reinvented, and it concerns the order in which the game's three dragons drop their valuable items.

Anyone who has poured enough hours into Breath of the Wild (and we assume that is most of you) will know of the art of farming items from dragons. Soaring into the sky via an updraft while that twinkling piano takes over the score - it is one of the game's most magical moments. Of course shooting arrows at the flying dragons gains you a number of rewards depending on where you strike - scale, claw, horn or fang.

Except, it's not that simple. As Gaming Reinvented's above video outlines, the first arrow hit on a dragon will always produce a scale as a reward, regardless of where you strike. Aiming for Dinraal's horn? Scale. Farosh's fang? Scale. Naydra's claws - well, you get the picture.

But why would Nintendo do this? What if you really wanted to upgrade your armour and needed horns? The answer, it seems, is quite simple. There are three shrines hidden across Breath of the Wild's Hyrule which require a dragon scale to enter (Jitan Sa'mi Shrine, Tutsuwa Nima Shrine and Shae Katha Shrine). By ensuring that each dragon will drop a scale as their first item by default, the game is ensuring that each of these shrines is accessible with the least hassle on Link's part - how kind!

Of course, once you have made this initial shot, the dragon farming trade is open for business and you can load up on fangs, claws and horns to your heart's extent. We're sure the dragons won't mind, probably.

For more information of how to access these shrines and all others in the game, check out our handy guide below:

What do you make of this Breath of the Wild find? Ride the updraft into the comments and let us know!