Undertale Smash Bros.
Image: Nintendo Life, Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai opened English and Japanese YouTube channels a few months ago focused on video game development.

In an update on his YouTube socials, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director revealed how the Undertale creator Toby Fox kind of played a part in the process. Toby passed on details for a localisation company called '8-4' who are known for work on English localisations as well as translating games into Japanese.

This is not the only news we've heard about Toby Fox and Masahiro Sakurai in recent times. Last month it was revealed how the Undertale creator would be replacing Sakurai as the Weekly Famitsu column writer.

Sakurai recently surpassed a number of milestones on his YouTube channel. His Twitter account now also has over one million followers. And Toby Fox is currently chipping away at his new game Deltarune. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any new chapters this year.

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