Masahiro Sakurai

Japanese game director Masahiro Sakurai - responsible for some of the greatest crossovers in video game history - has recently hit one million followers on Twitter. Yes, he's now got a million fans checking out his social media account on a daily basis.

According to Sakurai's profile, he originally joined Twitter in 2010 and has grown in popularity alongside the Super Smash Bros. video game series. He notified everyone of his latest milestone in a tweet. Here's a rough Google translation:

Masahiro Sakurai - "And the number of Twitter followers was secretly over 1000000. Thank you very much!"

If that wasn't already enough, his second silver play button for his other YouTube channel account has also been delivered. Here's a look:

Sakurai opened both of these YouTube channels at the end of last month as a way to give back to the video game industry and also assist aspiring developers. Both his English and Japanese channels quickly surpassed 100,000 subscribers each and he now has a combined total of more than 800k subscribers.

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