Image: via Nintendo

Undertale creator Toby Fox has shared a development update on his current project Deltarune. If you have been wondering where the next chapter is, it seems there won't be any new chapters released this year.

Toby shared this news via his Twitter account:

"We won't be able to put out any new chapters of DELTARUNE this year... But as usual, we have a little something specil planned for the anniversary of UT/DR Ch2... See you next week!"

As noted, there'll instead be something special planned for both Undertale and Deltarune next week.

This follows on from a Deltarune update earlier this year in May, when Toby Fox announced development was "going well". There are reportedly up to seven chapters planned for Deltarune.

The latest development update may not necessarily be a big surprise, considering Toby previously mentioned how the aim was to deliver Chapters 3, 4 and 5 at the same time. At this point though, players will be required to purchase the entire game.

Deltarune Chapter 1 was released on Switch eShop in February 2019, and the second chapter followed in September 2021. How do you feel about this update? Have you played the first two Deltarune chapters yet? How about Undertale? Leave a comment below.