Ghosts 'n Goblins Arthur Figure 1
Image: Dream Figures

Forget Capcom giants like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter for a second — Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection saw the return of Sir Arthur after a ten-year absence in 2021, and it was a pretty darn good return to form, that form being "very difficult". In fact, we specifically said this revival was "So immorally brutal on higher tier difficulty levels" in our review. Ouch!

But Capcom has partnered with Dream Figures to make us remember the pain, or the glory, to create some stunning Sir Arthur statues. And the creator of the series rightly shared these figures on Twitter today, because what would make a better Halloween present than a Sir Arthur statue?

One comes in the standard silver armour, or you can go upgraded and get the gold one. Better still, there's an underwear variant — we've seen a lot of Arthur in his pants over the years, so why not immortalise that? Priced at €371.00 each (or €399.00 for the gold one), you can order one of these — or all three for €1,141.00 — right now from Dream Figures' store.

They're all incredibly detailed, with Sir Arthur running across a gravestone, holding his weapon of choice as he avoids a zombie emerging from the ground. The statues weigh around 10kg each, so they're pretty hefty little centrepieces for your home — gaming room, living room, you name it, pop Arthur wherever you want!

With the trio — called the Dream Pack — you get interchangeable weapons too, so if you want 'underwear Arthur' to wield a golden spear, well, here's your chance.

Are you a Ghosts 'n Goblins fan? Will you be grabbing one of these statues?? Let us know!