Are Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Blood Moons and Stalhorses not spooky enough for you this Halloween? Well then, leave it to the well-known Zelda modder Waikuteru to give us what we want. Along with Sockpoppet, the two have created brand new DLC for the hugely popular open-world Switch game, and it's fabulously appropriate for 31st October (thanks, Eurogamer!).

This fan-made DLC is called 'The Halloween Hunt' and it gives players a ton of new things to do in the Zelda-pocalypse. There's a whole new questline, new dialogue, new armour, a new recipe, more collecting, and even a brand new boss fight in The Phantom Rider.

Waikuteru's video is a showcase of what's on offer. Link is asked to go to the Korok Forest by a disembodied voice, and is tasked with collecting 30 Cursed Pumpkins in the Lost Woods to create a spooky stew. And of course, Link gets a vampire outfit — channelling his inner Alucard too if we say so ourselves!

Now, if collecting tons of items isn't your thing (in under 30 minutes, too), you can take a photo of a Cursed Pumpkin to help track the other ones down, making it that little bit easier. You may run into a mysterious creature as you hunt down these gourds in the woods, in which case — run! Or knock him off of his horse.

It looks absolutely brilliant, like Nintendo itself popped it into the game — though we shouldn't be surprised given Waikuteru's multiplayer mod, Mario Kart courses in Hyrule, and many, many more — and it's available to grab for both the Wii U and Switch versions of the game.

There are plenty of moments that made us jump in Breath of the Wild — more often because of our snap decision-making and accidentally falling off of cliffs — but, from the looks of Tears of the Kingdom's early trailers, we think the sequel looks to deliver something a little spookier. And we can't wait.

Would you like to see more Halloween-themed events in Nintendo games? What do you think of The Halloween Hunt mod? Let us know!

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