Well there you have it folks. After much speculation we have finally received our first look at the Mario movie, now officially titled The Super Mario Bros. Movie. For a teaser, we got a surprisingly good look at what is in store for us come April 7th, 2023, and if we're being honest, we were pretty darn impressed.

Now, yes, there was not a lot of Mario to be seen this time around - perhaps a sign that the studio remain worried about the audience backlash to Chris Pratt's voice casting - but there is still much to look forward to. As if there was any doubt, we know that Jack Black is going to be having a huge amount of fun with Bowser and overall it looks like Illumination is doing a decent job of bringing the Mushroom Kingdom to the big screen.

There are some laughs on display - we think Toad is going to be a Mario Party fan-favourite after this - and also a good amount of intrigue about what the movie is actually going to be about - Bowser is after stars to do... something? We assume it's not just to shine with all the colours of the rainbow and move really fast for a while.

We are pretty upbeat about the whole affair, truth be told, even after the dust has settled. If you want a reaction that is a little more in the moment, however, then be sure to check out the live reaction by our video producer, Felix, at the top of this article.

Now that you have had time to take it all in, we want to hear what you think! Was the trailer everything that you had wished for and more? Are you still quietly cautious? Or perhaps you thought it was an absolute stinker, cementing your choice that you will not be seeing this film under any circumstances.

Fill out the poll below to let us know your thoughts, then head down to the comments to elaborate even further!

What did you make of the Mario Movie trailer?

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