Nintendo Switch Sports
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Update [Fri 14th Oct, 2022 16:12 BST] The problems with Nintendo Switch Sports ver. 1.2.1 have now also been addressed by Nintendo UK, with the @NintendoUK account releasing the following statement:

Both online play and cloud save options remain suspended for the time being.

Original article [Fri 14th Oct, 2022 15:15 BST] Nintendo Switch Sports received its latest update this week (ver. 1.2.1) which sought to combat cheaters in online play. However, today the update has been pulled after many players experienced crashes while their matches were loading.

The bug seemed to effect both online and offline play, with the loading matches being interrupted regardless.

Today, Nintendo has begun to take steps to combat the issue. The team initially suspended online matches and cloud saving, before pulling the ver. 1.2.1 update completely. Progress of the team's work fixing the problem has been shared via @nintendo_cs (Japan's Nintendo customer support) with the latest post telling customers that the update has been removed.

In a follow-up tweet, the customer support shared that players are likely to still receive the 'Software update is required' prompt when loading up the game, which should be ignored for the time being. Following the message will not reveal any new content.

It is currently unclear as to whether ver. 1.2.1 is going to be fixed and reinstated or whether Nintendo will release a new update altogether to deal with the problems caused by this bug. We will update this article when we have any further information on the fix progress.

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