Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

A new update has been released for Nintendo Switch Sports today, and while it's probably not the update you've been holding out for it does come with some added features and protection.

According to Nintendo's official support page, Version 1.2.1 has a lot of focus on action against fraudulent and disruptive behaviours. Here's the full rundown:

Version 1.2.1 (Released October 12, 2022)

Play Globally

- Data for available items was added.
- Strengthened measures against disruptive behaviors.
- Online play will be suspended for violations of Nintendo's Community Guidelines including if we detect fraudulent behaviour such as save data manipulation.

The next major (and free) update for Nintendo Switch Sports is the addition of golf. It's set to arrive at some point this holiday season and will include 21 courses from Wii Sports as well as an eight-player online mode called Survival Golf.

Have you downloaded this latest update for Nintendo Switch Sports yet? Notice anything else? Comment below.