Harvestella Winter 1
Image: Square Enix

Just weeks away from its 4th November release date, Square Enix has shared more details about Live Wire's upcoming RPG farm sim, Harvestella, which include tweaks being made to the game following feedback from players of the Switch demo.

Gematsu has shared the list of updates the companies are making to the game — reducing load times, cooldown times for job changes, and a warning when your health gets low are a few things that will be included in the game at launch.

Here's the full list of tweaks:

- Reduced time-lapse speed on the world map and the field.
- Reduced hit time for fishing.
- Reduced cooldown time for job changes.
- Increased the Mage’s normal attack speed.
- Partially reduced loading time.
- Addition of a warning effect when a character’s HP is low.
- Modified UI during save and auto-save.
- Various assorted bug fixes.

They're definitely digging into the soil to make sure everything is perfect, then. We had our own thoughts on the Switch demo where you lovely readers also discussed your impressions:

But improvements aren't the only things Square Enix shared, as we've also been given a good look at the Winter Seaslight and the winter city, the Holy Capital Argene.

This place looks absolutely gorgeous and is home to The Seaslight Order, who head on over to the Divine Cave to worship and pray. You'll need to try and get into the cave to investigate the Seaslight phenomenon.

Two more jobs have also been detailed for the game — Avenger (which, well, is the coolest-sounding job name so far), a long-distance attacker that can switch between fire and ice elements, and Pilgrim, a physical and magical attack that wields a sword.

Faerie Orders, a new mode, sees you commanding faeries to carry out different tasks for you while you're off busy adventuring. They can harvest for you, make things, or even decorate and make changes to your farm.

And it wouldn't be a Harvestella update without a look at the game's deliciously drawn food, would it?

For even more details on winter, Faerie Orders, cooking, and just a basket load of other details check out Square Enix's blog post.

Harvestella's crops sprout very soon, on 4th November. Will you be plucking Square Enix's attempt at the farm sim genre from the shelves? Let us know!

[source square-enix-games.com, via gematsu.com]