You would be forgiven for forgetting about Curse of the Sea Rats. The self-proclaimed 'Ratoidvania' - a pun which, despite our best efforts, we cannot endorse - had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2020 and was quickly confirmed for a 2021 release. Obviously, this release date was not met, but it looks like the rat is back as a new trailer provides a closer look at the game's four playable characters and re-sets the release date to 2023.

This new trailer (found above) gives us a fresh look at the game's 'Ratoidvania' (nope, it's not sticking) layout, as you will play as one of four characters - David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa or Akane Yamakawa - battling through a labyrinth filled with enemies in an attempt to return to your human form. There is a slight dissonance going on here between the 2D hand-drawn characters and the 3D environments that doesn't quite sit with us at the moment. Then again, this is a game about people getting turned into rats so it would make sense if the world isn't quite as it seems.

Alongside the new trailer, publishers PQube and developers Petoons Studio have shared some of the features that we can expect to find in the game, the full list of which can be found below.

- Lavish Art and Animation -
A huge cast of characters are brought to life through a vibrant hand-drawn art-style inspired by classic animated films and the golden age of 2D platforming.
- Freedom and Exploration -

Shipwrecked along the 18th century Irish coast you'll need more than just your swashbuckling skills to forge your path to freedom. Enter a labyrinthine world with over 16 individual areas to explore and navigate a non-linear path through a dense network of rooms and passageways.
- 4 Playable Characters -

Experience the adventure alone or play with up to 3 friends in local co-op mode. Choose from 4 playable characters – David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa, Akane Yamakawa.
- Enhance and Upgrade -

Collect spiritual energy and visit Wu Yun, emissary of the Shen to unlock powerful new abilities. Progress through multiple skill trees, purchase combat upgrades, and boost your health and defences.

Moving away from the original release date of 2021, Cures of the Sea Rats is now set to release on Switch in early 2023. PQube has also announced that a physical edition of the game will be available, with pre-orders now open containing bonus art cards and a sticker sheet.

What do you think of Curse of the Sea Rats? Scurry down to the comments to let us know!