It is quickly becoming a universally acknowledged fact that at some point in our lives, all of us will become a playable skin in Epic Games' Fall Guys. After releasing the strange collaboration between Star Trek and Alien last month, the online knock-out game is set to expand its references even further into space (and time, for that matter).

In a gameplay trailer published today (thanks, Go Nintendo), Epic Games announced that Doctor Who would be the latest franchise to enter the world of Fall Guys, with a BBC collaboration bringing in new skins and emotes.

Fans have often debated which Doctor is the best (clearly it's David Tennant, but that's for another article), and now we can at least settle the question of which would be the best to compete in a strange, often glitching (if you're playing on Switch, at least), race across wheels, beams and slime-covered slopes - finally.

The collection includes skins of the Thirteenth, Fourth and Tenth/Fourteenth Doctors as well as a Dalek option to boot - no elevations allowed. Also available through the collaboration is a Sonic Screwdriver-wielding emote.

Each item will appear in the in-game item shop tomorrow (1st November, 2022) and will remain there until Saturday 5th. Unless you have achieved companion status with a Time Lord, it looks like you are going to want to get in quick to avoid missing out.

What do you make of this newest Fall Guys addition? Materialise in the comments below and let us know!

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